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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 - Children's Music

Holiday Gift Guide

Remember, the Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways! You can find more prizes at Janet & Erin's blogs. If you register to win ANY prize on their blogs, you get extra entries. Come back and tell me what you signed up to win.

Big Truck Music

So are you ready to dance, sing, and have fun? Rockin', Rollin' And Ridin' with Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck is a must have this holiday season for your lil' star in the making.  This fun filled cd releases on November 10th!

You may remember Rebecca Frezza from Noggin's "Move to the Music", they show her videos throughout the day and also on "Jack's Big Music Show". She's been featured in 8 music videos on PBS too.  Her songs are catchy and fun not just for the kids either, I've found myself singing her tunes! Winner of 14 National Awards its a wonder why we love her music soo much!

My son Gabriel (2 yrs) loves music, all kinds of music, especially music he can dance and sing to! When I popped in Rockin', Rollin' & Ridin he was instantly movin' and a groovin'. His favorite songs are calming and melody filled "Smiling Moon", just read these lyrics, they are amazing and all of the songs are written by Rebecca Frezza herself.

Take a step and I will follow you
Share a smile and I’ll share one with you
Shining down I will follow you
Watching over all that you do
Seasons pass so quickly, running through the sky
I will always be here shining up so high
Reach up high I will reach for you
Moon beams stretching down to you
Seasons pass so quickly, running through the sky
I will always be here shining up so high
Shining down
Reach up high
Share a smile with me…

His favorite to dance to was Rocketship, its really catchy and this song will have your lil' one definately wanting to go to the moon and back! It goes Rocketship Rocketship to the Moon, Rocketship Rocketship Fly..... Its really catchy and fun!


*I'm also giving a copy away at Loving Heart Mommy ends 11/30, CLICK HERE!*

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~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~


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