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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stocking Stuffer/Giveaway: For the Cat Lover

Thanks to Purry Logic and The Family Review Network for the opportunity to review and giveaway this darling book!

Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook is a very colorful and beautifully illustrated book for the Cat Lover on your list this Holiday Season! I surely enjoyed this book and the illustrations, my son was even ooohing and aaahing (is that a word?) over the pictures. Since he's only 21 months old I made a game of teaching him his colors with the different color of the cats fur and the different color eyes of each cat. ~smile~ I can tell you he now definately knows what a cat is.

From the Publisher:
Filled with wry witticisms to perk up even the most finicky cat lovers, PURRY LOGIC puts a distinctly feline twist on Jane Seabrook's popular FURRY LOGIC books. This delightful collection presents cuddly cats offering purr-worthy pick-me-ups like, "My only purpose in this life is to rest and recover from my previous lives," "If you didn't make the rules, just ignore them," and "When fat, arrange yourself in slim poses." Watercolor-painted in loving detail, Seabrook's sleek and sassy kitties remind us that the best things in life are furry.

Your very own copy of "Purry Logic"!

Do you have a favorite furry feline friend? What is the most memorable thing that they have done? Leave a comment with the most memorable moment and be sure to include their names, cause I love to hear what people name their cats!

For example: We had sister kittens named Sphinx and Spirit. They used to both just lay curled up together on one of those mini cat beds, even after they became soo "FAT" they still would manage to fit and sleep peacefully, it was adorable!



~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~


Shel said...

My long-haired cat, Shady (named because half her face was black and the other half was tan) loved to go outside and sit on the 2nd floor porch. Frequently she'd climb onto the roof to try to catch birds that would roost under the eaves. I kept trying to keep her inside because I worry about the birds.
Consequently it became a battle between Shady and I. If I'd open the back porch door, she'd come running, thinking she was going to sneak out.

My husband was replacing the porch railings and I opened the door to the 2nd floor porch to see if he had left his hammer outside on the porch. All the railings had been removed that morning and he had left to go to the lumber store for wood. As I opened the door, Shady came darting between my legs and ran out the door onto the porch. I yelled and she ran faster...straight off the 2nd floor porch!

I screamed and was afraid to look over the side of the porch. There was Shady, on all fours, on the grass in the backyard. I ran downstairs and outside, fearing she was really hurt. She was fine, nothing broken, nothing hurt except her pride.

I can still see the mental image of that cat, running for all she was worth, straight off the porch. It was like the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons where the Coyote runs straight off the cliff without breaking stride.

Anonymous said...

We used to have 2 cats - Claude and Simba! Claude came to me one day at the post office - cold and skinny - I just knew I had to bring him home! He was such a great cat - and so good with the kids. Now Simba - whew - fiesty!

Jessica said...

My cat Drako used to chase my boyfriend now husband around our apartment when we first got him... he would chase him at night all the way until he got into bed... so cute!