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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stocking Stuffers #1 - For Men & Women

Special thanks to the Family Review Network and the Pacific Shaving Company .

I've "heard" of shaving oils but I always thought they were for men only. When I got the opportunity to review The All Natural Shaving Oil by the Pacific Shaving Company I was very impressed. The scent is a mild citrusy smell, it moisturizes, helps reduce nicks and cuts, and best yet doesn't clog your pores.

Like the box says "Good Things Come in Little Packages" they are definately right, this little bottle of natural oil makes for a smooth and close shave.

I was going to use the shaving oil myself first thing upon recieving it but my husbands electric razor wasn't working and he was asking me where my shaving cream was. I thought it would be best to offer a review based upon a male point of view and a female so of course I took the opportunity.

He has very sensitive skin and with using the all natural shaving oil had no problems with irritation or breaking out. He was satisfied with the smoothness of his skin as was I because a scruffy face isn't cool in my book. ~smile~

We were also sent the Nick Stick to review but my husband didn't end up having one nick on his baby smooth face but that wasn't the factor for me when I attempted to shave my legs. I was in a bit of a hurry and I'm almost always nicking myself due to a loud noise from my son or my daughter suddenly crying.

The Nick Stick is true to its description, it does stop the bleeding quickly and it also contains vitamins A & E, plus the extra Aloe is very soothing. I used the roll on applicator and instantly no more boo boos for Mommy! Its even self-sterilizing!

So if your looking for a great solution for that special Gentleman or Lady in your life, I definately recommend Pacific's All Natural Shaving Oil and the Nick Stick, you'll appreciate the baby smooth skin and he'll love the alternative to using shaving cream.

Extra bonus: No worries about the shaving cream ring in your sink, this saves you from extra cleaning!

The bottle may be small but the 1/2 oz lasts up to 100 shaves and the 2 oz is good for 400 shaves! You'll definately save a lot of money and its easy to just throw in your travel bag on trips, saves space in the shower and your medicine cabinet!

A bit about the company:

Pacific Shaving Company manufactures shaving products that are good for the skin, good for the wallet and good for the earth. Our product line consists of All Natural Shaving Oil (an alternative to shaving creams/gels) and our Nick Stick (our improved version of the ancient styptic
pencil). The products are intended for men and women and make great holiday
gifts/stocking stuffers.

Be on the lookout for more stocking stuffer ideas!


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

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