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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reader's Submissions

I want to give a big "Thanks" to my readers and now remember I was featuring "YOU" as well in this fun festival!

Marca from HDMac's Crafty Blog & More submitted the following:
Counting down the Days

Holiday Recipes

Saturday Recipes and Ideas for Christmas

Yo-Yo Christmas Ornaments

More Christmas Recipes

A big thanks to Jennifer for her very visual recipes, how-to's and more for this holiday season. Jennifer Johnson wrote a bunch of holiday fun articles at Ehow.com

How to Dress Up Pre-Packaged Brownies

Unique Christmas Treats for Friends & Family

How to make Crescent Rolls from Scratch ~ great for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner!

How to make a Delicious Dip for your Apples ~ yummy yummy Apple dip!

How to Give your Neighbors a Super(Souper) Gift for Christmas

Do you have an article, recipe, a DIY or How-to for this Holiday Season? I'm still taking submissions up until the end so be sure to contact me by filling out the form HERE or via email kristinia AT lovingheartmommy DOT com


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Reader's Submissions


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Changing the layout around

I changed layout and lost most of my widgets, bear with me while I'm fixing this!


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virtual Stocking Stuffer/Giveaway: Are you getting your Z's?

From Pzizz:
In as little as 10 minutes, Pzizz can clear your brain, improve focus, lower stress and let you get on with your day by helping you take a short performance break. How does it work? The Pzizz software is downloaded to your PC/Mac/mobile device in two forms: an Energizer Module (which helps users take power naps during the day) and a Sleep Module (which helps users get a good night’s sleep).

Top 5 tips on how to squeeze in a power nap while your kids take their naps.

1/ Make sure you understand how much you deserve this
'time out'.
2/ Use pzizz as often as possible so that your
subconscious becomes accustomed to it and you are able to nap quickly
and effectively!
3/ Make yourself nice and comfortable so that relaxation
is easy
4/ Enjoy your 'time out'. Make the most of your own time
and let go of all the stresses of the day
5/ Make sure others understand what you are doing and
how important it is for you ESPECIALLY your children!

My views on Pzizz:
How would you like to get a couple Z's with just the click of a button? Sounds too good to be true right? With Pzizz you can actually catch up on much needed rest throughout the day. I know Mommy's everywhere are actually rubbing their eyes reading this. I was too when I got the opportunity to review this wonderful and energizing tool.

Better yet you can download onto your computer and drum roll please, your iPod! Its a simple application and it can even be customized to your liking. With 3 sleep modes: the Energizer Nap, Sleep, and Meditation.

The music is lovely, with soft nature sounds and some synthesizing, all very calming.

There is a money back guarantee and free upgrades for life policy. More info at Pzizz.com

Would you like to win a bit of peace with Pzizz.com ? Check out Pzizz.com
and come back telling me which feature you like best! The program comes with a key code that can be used on up to 3 computers (PC or Mac). Recommended time to try it for at a time is 20 minutes before passing judgement!

Giveaway ends: December 1st!

Be on the lookout for more stocking stuffers!


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Featuring Handmade: CH Original Designs

CH Original Designs

Special thanks to Carey for the beautiful amethyst and peridot earrings!

What's in her shop:
Handmade beaded jewelry, semi precious necklaces, pearls, Swarovski crystals and silver. You can choose from her handcrafted designs or custom order your very own!

Additionally, customized colors of gemstones or Swarovski crystals can be used for Bridal Party or Bridesmaid Jewelry.

She makes Mothers bracelets that can also be customized with your choice of Swarovski crystals and your child's name spelled using Silver Alphabet beads.

All the proceeds from the sales of her jewelry go to fighting a debilitating auto-immune disease called Degenerative Myelopathy for Cydney. You can check out her website for more details and information on this debilitating disease.

For more information and new designs please visit: http://sites.google.com/site/chorignials/handmade-jewelry

My interview with Carey Hicks of CH Original Designs:

Why did you start your business?
To pay for medical care and reasearch for my German Shepherd Cydney, she has Degenerative Myelopathy, you can read more HERE.

This was my original website until I found etsy. I am new to etsy.com and have sold several custom items, so feel free to contact me to have something made to your specifications.

I will be listing all of my jewelry that I have made on etsy eventually, I am a stay at home mom and chase after my kids most of the day, so items are being added slowly. ~Boy do I know that feeling~

Your Favorite part of the Holiday?
Spending time with my family.

Check out CH Original Designs, she has beautful jewelry which can be customized to your liking and even a few odds and ends, from candles to a sock monkey!

Special for my readers: 10% off until Dec 31st, 2008, mention that you found her from Lovin' the Holiday Season 2008 for the discount to be applied!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Featuring Handmade & a Giveaway: Lily Bean Design

Just a little of what Lily Bean Designs offers:

*Handmade, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry* (she also takes custom orders)

*Handmade, hair clippies and bows.

*Graphic Design*
Some of the services she offers for graphic design:

*Birth Announcements
*Party/Wedding Invitations
*Web Graphics
*Etsy Banners/Avatars
*Promotional Postcard Design
*Photo Restoration
*Photo Editing
*Flier Design
*Business Card Design
*Label Designs
*Basically anything that has to do with Graphic Design!

*All graphic designs are professional and created using 300dpi.

What is cool about her services is that she sends you the file to print yourself!
Unlimited opportunties!

Check out Lily Bean Design and the Lily Bean Design Blog and Dana Cecil Photography for a variety of beautiful photography prints.

My interview:

Why did you start your business?
I started Lily Bean Designs because of my daughter! Hair accessories were so expensive, so I decided to make her own. She loves them, and it's so nice to have a matching hair clippy for everything! ~Her daughter who is 14.5 months old loves to help make them too~

What is your favorite part of the holiday?
Oh....I love everything about the Holiday. I especially love decorating and putting up the tree!

About Dana Cecil Photography:
Dana says: "Well, I have always loved photography, so I guess I wanted to share it with others".

She has beautiful prints, I especially like the picture of the Dogwoods!

GIVEAWAY: You can win a set of 3 Christmas Hair Clippies. Simple check out Lily Bean Designs and come back here commenting with your favorite items other than the Christmas hair clippies! Deadline to enter is November 24th.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: Spend just $5 Over at Dana Cecil Photography and get entered to win a FREE 5x7print of your choice! Mention: LOVIN' THE HOLIDAY SEASON 2008 in your order for the discount to apply!


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mom Blogs @ Mom Dot Party Day #3

Jingle Bells Pictures, Images and PhotosRemember the part is ongoing over at Mom Dot? My previous posts: Question #1, Question #2 and now...

Day Three Blog Party Question is Brought to you by:
Appledonia, Hippos Toes and My Bag

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you budget for the holidays? Do you always stick to your budget? Share with us any budgeting tips you may have!

I haven't started my holiday shopping yet.... I've been browsing the sales papers, watching the news, and checking my list(s) and checking them twice, heck maybe thrice to see if it is something I "have" to get right now or if it can actually wait.

Our new tradition is that we are buying and gifting after Christmas. To me this makes much more sense due to the fact that I'm not about to be waiting in lines that go about 5 miles back for a specific item. If the economy is this bad, things will be even cheaper after holiday due to stores having to get rid of the stuff no matter what the cost. Am I right?

I have went out and bought some of those shatterproof christmas ornaments because last year when I was trying to find these it was almost impossible. So I've got the tree, got the ornaments (still looking for some extra special ones), I have the lights, I still need to find my Christmas cards.. thinking about going personalized this year, saves time and money, especially when all my friends and family want new pictures! :)

So I'll let you know if I "slip-up" and buy something before Christmas... it had to have been an awesome deal for me really to do so though! :)


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Featuring Handmade: Inspired with Love

Our first feature to kick off the festivities is with :

Ana Loukopoulos the artistic hand behind Inspired with Love.

First off I want to "thank" Ana for sending me two beautiful candle holders in my favorite color of purple, they are very eye catching and I've already got tons of ooo's and aaah's from my friends!

What she makes: A variety of beautifully designed handmade paper covered Candle Holders that are adorned with a variety of designs, beaded fringe and bows. For this Holiday she also has handmade paper ornaments, that would look great on your tree!

What I "Love" from her shop:

Purple is a big color for me this year and I simply love this set of purple ornaments! So I'm off to order me a few sets, how about you?

My interview with Ana:

Why'd you start your business?
I love what I do and I wanted to share my inspiration to others, of course i want to be my own boss.

I just want to share my inspiration and sell my products to people who enjoy handmade products.

Her favorite part of the Holiday: Being with family and decorating!

Discounts for "YOU": Click HERE to visit her shop and enjoy No Shipping cost if a second item is ordered! Mention when ordering you came from Lovin' the Holiday Season


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

Holiday Giveaway Fun for Sunday

Mommy's Idea Ellie Bags

Mommy's Idea Giveaways! Get Ready for the Holidays!

Win a Door Prize at our Online Tupperware Party
Win a $50 Gift Certificate to How Fast They Grow
Win a t-shirt from Ltd Chix
Win a Gift Certificate to EclectiQue Soul
Win a Bag of Personalized Photo Confetti
Win a $20 Gift Card to Simple Salutations
Win a Boca Beth Grande Bag
Win a Personalized Book from Peeka Productions
Win a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera!

Ellie Bags
Earn extra entries at Mommy's Idea by following her friend Sara, with no "H"!

Check out her awesome recipes, get some ideas for what you'll cook this Holiday Season! The Sticky Bun Coffee Ring sounds delicious!

Lovin' the Homemade Gifts

This year I'm all about homemade, handmade, original, and creative gifts as you will see in many of the posts that are up and coming here on "Lovin' the Holidays"!

This year one of the most popular, well I believe most popular will be hand made photo books.

How do you make these? Well follow the simple and easy instructions below:

Card stock (you can use any color)
A variety of photos (any size, you can either use all 4 x 6, 5 x7, etc..)
Stickers (regular stickers, foam stickers, your choice)
Ribbon, buttons, get creative with how you will design your mini photo books.

~You can even have your child/children make their own little pictures on the card stock to include with the special photos of your choice

scissors (can use crinkle cut for a more personal edge)
3 whole punch
Printer (for your photos unless you get them printed at your local retailer)

Its kind of like scrapbooking except you make the book yourself, add your own photos, and decorate it however you choose! It puts a personal touch and an artistic flair on holiday gift giving!

Thanks to the Parent Reviewers and Klutz for the idea on this post!

Check out this special offer from Klutz - free shipping and a free copy of the award-winning Activity Book (a $14.95 value) when you order $50+ via this link. Just click it! And feel free to share it with your readers too - the more, the merrier!