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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Decorating the Tree #1

I just pulled out the 6ft tree from last year and I even snagged a 4ft White tree already pre-lit from Wal-Mart! My plan is to decorate our 6ft tree for Gabriel and the 4ft tree for Helana.

Here are some pictures of what progress I've made in decorating soo far! We have started with the lights, I plan on putting the ornaments on tonight when the children are both sleeping! I'm even thinking of wrapping some boxes (no gifts inside) spruce up the setting!

If you have small children who would like to help out I suggest starting off with the lights, he had such fun watching me walk around the tree with the lights.. I was making myself dizzy and him giggly!

I'll leave you with my lil' Santa goofing off.. He's soo cute!
Tonight is Decorating the Tree Part 2, the ornaments! I'll have a post and pictures coming soon!


~Kristinia/Loving Heart Mommy~

1 comment:

gahome2mom said...

Hi, He is adorable. We still haven't found our Santa hats. Happy Thanksgiving to all. :)